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Family Dinner Program

Adelante’s family dinner program brings together youth and their families to provide a space to reconnect and form healthy family dynamics. The program launched on March 31 and ends with a special closing ceremony on May 26.  

Due to the high number of reunification stories within the cohort, Adelante decided to focus this family dinner session on the theme of reunification. Parents and children of immigrant families are often separated, with parents moving to the U.S. in search of economic opportunity, leaving their children at home with family members and caregivers. Parents may be living in the U.S. for some time, sending money to the family, before the children are able to join them in the U.S. When their children finally do join them in the U.S., there are struggles with getting to know one another and adapting to a new home environment. This creates an abrupt change and requires patience to build familiarity and trust. The family dinner program was created to provide reunited families the opportunity to get to know each other again. Over a 9-week period participants eat together, and learn communication skills, how to show emotion, participate in bonding activities, and ultimately build trust.

“Both parents and youth are excited to participate in the family dinner program,” stated Marilyn Calderon, the program director. “Not only will the dinners help the family unit, but the program will also create a network of families going through similar experiences. We hope the family dinners build a support network and friendship among the families.”

The family dinners would not be dinners without the food. Local restaurants have donated food for each of the dinners. We are grateful to our wonderful supporters! Our restaurant sponsors include:

La Muterita Restaurante

La Chiquita Restaurant

Pupuseria El Comalito


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