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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the George Washington University (GW) Avance Center for the Advancement of Immigrant/Refugee Health is to foster an academic-community collaboration with the Latino immigrant community of Langley Park, MD in order to better understand factors contributing to racial/ethnic minority health disparities specific to this and other immigrant/refugee communities. Under this mission, there are five principal goals:

  1. Contribute to the knowledge base towards the elimination of health disparities in immigrant/refugee communities.

  2. Develop, implement, and evaluate the innovative, community-driven, multi-component community intervention Adelante to address a vulnerability cluster of substance abuse and co-occurring conditions (interpersonal violence, risky sexual behavior) among youth.

  3. Provide a mechanism for training and educating GW faculty, students and community members on a range of issues, and for building capacities important to reducing racial/ethnic health disparities in immigrant/refugee populations.

  4. Increase skills and knowledge regarding preventing substance abuse and related health conditions, testing innovative social media and branding strategies to increase the likelihood of behavior change, and improving health literacy and capacity.

  5. Disseminate the results of the research to the participating communities and to researchers, practitioners, and policymakers involved in health disparities efforts.